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Place towers and structures on the plain by clicking to select, and then clicking to drop. Holding Shift will allow players to place mutiiple of the selected tower or structure without having to re-select each time. There are three different mission objectives in the game: Defeat all enemies, survive 5 minutes, and erect a landmark. Mission objectives will be displayed at the beginning of each level, and range in difficulty. 4 kinds of Towers: Arrow Tower shoot at enemies when they come in range and have average stats and growth rates. Sap silos do no damage, but they slow enemies that come within range. Ballista towers grant a rate of fire bonus to all towers within their range (max one rate of fire upgrade per tower). Cannon towers do a great amount of damage and have long range, but fire slowly. Structures: Farms increase the XP generation of your castle and slow heal your castle is if it damaged. Mines generate money over time. Training Centers periodically award XP to your towers.
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