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Beach Defend

Protect your flag. If an enemy raider touch your flag or all of your cannons be destroyed, you lose. Press the 'E' and 'R' keys to rotate items before placing them. You can sell items for 75% of their value. Try to destroy the transport ship before it reaches land. Once it lands, it will release raiders who will attempt to capture your flag. Runners are bent on one thing, capturing your flag. Purchase walls to stop to them in their tracks. Place Marshes in the path to your flag to slow raiders down. The speed of a raider will be reduced by a 50% when crossing a marsh. Masons seek to damage your walls, and they will if allowed to touch one. If there are no walls on your land, Masons will attempt to capture your flag. Warriors will attack any raider on your land and destroy them. If a wall comes between a warrior and his intended victim, he will go after a different raider. Take care to keep them away from your cannons. Marshes will not slow down a Warrior. If there are no raiders for a Warrior to attach, he will return to where he was placed at the beginning of the round. This location is marked with an 'X'. Demolitionists seek to destroy your cannons, and they will if allowed to touch one. Once all cannons are destroyed, Demolitionists will attempt to capture your flag. Assassins are on the hunt for your warriors. They're the only raider that can kill a warrior. If you posses no warriors, Assassins will attempt to capture your flag. Place tidal pools in the water. Any ship that enters a tidal pool will be destroyed. Tidal Pools cannot be destroyed. However, this great power comes at a price; tidal pools are removed between every round. Tidal Pools cannot be rotated. Also, you may only purchase two tidal pools per round. Don't forget that you can move the purchase window. Be careful when placing tidal pools that you don't accidently sell them. War Ships don't deliver raiders to your land. Instead, they fire cannon balls at your walls, cannons, and warriors. Also, War Ships are more difficult to destroy than Transport Ships. Pestilence will destroy your possession every round. There is nothing you can do to prevent this. This round one item will be destroyed and every round thereafter, one item more than the previos round will be destroyed.
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