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Place towers on the grassy area and buy your tower on the right and stop the monkeys to getting to the right-bottom.1 - The Monkeys are attacking, and yes this game is yet another one of those tower defenses games, these Monkeys they are pure evil. Stop them getting to the end of the path.2 - Chubbz look like demented Jelly Babies, and are twice are deadly. Monkey Moo invented these for another game.3 - Blobs may look dim but they each have the brain of a genius, a very stupud genius. They are also very easy to draw and I had a few left over from that game Blobuloids.4 – Starlings, the worlds most evil flightless birds. They are also a master of disguising themselves to look like starlings.5 – Gorillas, highly armoured but very slow, quite spicey and go very nicely with a barbeque relish.6 – Duckbills, hurm yes duckbill platypus don’t have 3 eyes I know, they aren’t red either, so don’t email me about it, they are imune to mines.7 – Horses of Stealth, have a stealth mode, very sneaky. Look suspiciously like those ones in that racehorse game.
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