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Bacteria Tower Defense

Bacteria Tower Defense will test your skills. Three game modes: Basic, Regular and Custom. Basic – No special features. Regular – Fog of War On; Creep Damage On; Situations On. Custom – Choose the features you want. Four game difficulty: Easy – 75% Bacteria life and bacteria don’t spawn. Normal – 100% Bacteria life and Bacteria spawn 2. Hard – 150% Bacteria life and Bacteria spawn 4. Random – Random Waves and Regular Boss Intervals.Bacteria come in from the left and make their way to the patient to the right in each 25 seconds. Place your antibiotic towers on the game board to create a maze to slow down the bacteria. The Pharmacy below contains your antibiotic towers. The first tower is fixed as the (WBC) white blood cell, part of the body’s innate defense system.You can see the stats for the antibiotics you select on the panel to the right. The coverage section shows you the general effectiveness of each tower against broad categories of bacteria. Use it to help guide your antibiotic choices. If you have White Blood Cell (WBC) towers on the board.
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