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Attack of the Furries

The object of the tower defense game is to defend your home from wave after wave of furries. You do this by placing turrets (towers) along the path then pressing the start button. Any furry that passes in range will be automatically attacked by the turrets. There are two turrets initially available. The bullet turret will attack any ground based furries and the ship turret attacks any airboume furries. Turrets can be upgraded to make their attack faster and more powerful. You do this by clicking on a placed turret and pressing the upgrade button in the window that appears (on the right). The other turrets are made available by first reaching a high enough wave (fox example mines are made available at wave 10) you can then click on any research lab you have placed, select the turret you want to make available and press the research button. To protect your base place turrets along the creep path. To select a turret (tower), click the turret button (if not already selected) and select any of available turrets. The turret can then be placed wherever there is available space.
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