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Astral Tower Defense

Creeps come in waves of ten every 30 seconds and become increasingly difficult as the game progresses. To send in the next wave immediately, click on the timer next to the picture of the upcoming creep in the “next wave” box. Click on a purchased weapon to view its stats and upgrade options. Creeps have three different armor types: Conventional(CONV), Electro-Magnetic(EM) and Organic(BIO). EM weaponry deals maximum damage to BIO creeps, while BIO weaponry deals maximum damage to EM creeps. Plan ahead! Please your guns where they will cover the most ground as range is in creased.Concentrating on upgrading one or two turrets is often more effective than building and upgrading several at once.Record your score and challenge your friends to beat it. Besides upgrading your towers you can also boost their range, rate or damage by placing boosters near them. Upgrading a booster will increase its own range as well as its boost bonus for nearby weapon.Most creeps have BIO armor, meaning EM is the most efficient type of weaponry against them. However, EM turrets are more expensive than their BIO counterpart, and all EM critters are “Immune” so beware of only building EM turrets.
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